Program Content

The Integrated Training Program lasts 11-12 months, is a full-time dedication Course, and provides training in three main areas:

- Design of Digital Systems (up to 40 jobs) - Focus on the design of medium and large digital integrated systems. Emphasizing the steps involved in the design flow for digital technologies in modern manufacturing;

- Design of Mixed-Signals Systems - AMS (up to 20 jobs) - Focus on the design of basic analog blocks and interfacing blocks, such as operational amplifiers and comparators, AD and DA converters, PLLs and VCOs;

- Design of Radio Frequency Systems - RF (up to 20 jobs) - Focus on the design of blocks used on electronic communication systems and integrated Radio Frequency, such as Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), mixers, VCO, frequency synthesizers, filters.

The course is divided into two sequential phases:


This phase provides theoretical background and initial training in tools to support productivity (EDA Cadence Design System Inc). During this phase, students will have coursesseeking to homogenize knowledge. These courses aim to introduce the basic concepts that will be deepened in subsequent courses.

The theoretical training includes basic training in the area of knowledge chosen by the candidate. During this phase, theoretical subjects will be taught along with practical lessons,using commercial tools from Cadence. Click on the links below for more information:


Students will attend the basic subjects (BGs) and those specific to their area of expertise: Digital (BDs), Analog and Mixed Signals (BAs) and RF (BAs). After completing this phase, the students will have basic theoretical qualification to act as junior designer and training modules in some of the EDA tools for design of Integrated Circuits. Students who successfully complete the first phase will advance to the next.


During this phase, students will work on developing a small project and receive a complementary training in EDA tools. The development project will be monitored by tutors and will be guide within an environment that simulates a business with external customers.


Candidates who successfully complete the Training Program, will have the opportunity to work on a Project Development Centre for Integrated Circuits (DH - Design House), for training in work rate, up to 12 months. The job offers are subjected to the demand from companies operating in this segment.